The Middle East and North Africa region is one of the fastest growing regions in the world when it comes to healthcare spending. A growing and ageing population faced by chronic disease challenges such as obesity and diabetes has resulted in high double digit growth on the healthcare industry.
Innomedics is your preferred partner to access this growth and to deliver quality care for the people of the MENA region.

Company History

Innomedics is a fully owned subsidiary of Kuwait Life Sciences Company. Innomedics has an excellent basis of growth in the healthcare sector with a value based objectives and strong commitment to serve the medical profession by distributing quality medical products from all over the world in the Kuwaiti market.
Innomedics has a unique execution of its careful planned strategies to increase the sales with a continuous growth rate. Selecting well-seasoned sales, supporting professionals, expanding the range of products by introducing new suppliers, and widening the customer-base are but a few of the aforementioned strategies.


We are committed to the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity for the benefit of patients, the medical community, our partners, shareholders and employees.
Business Philosophy
Contribute towards improving the health of people around Kuwait through the provision of innovative and reliable products.

  • To be beyond others in exploring and tapping the potentials of the life science
  • To continue tackling new challenges and delivering Innovative products
  • To deliver quality products along with accurate information and retain solid credibility among customers
  • To support a healthy lifestyle for the people of Kuwait


Sustainable enhancement of enterprise value
Our mission is to be the leader in the application of medical equipment and supplies for health facilities.We aim to achieve this by utilizing our expertise and experience in the identification of potential innovative medical solutions, the development and humanization of critical care products, and the creation of strategic partnerships with our partners and customers.

Company Structure

Innomedics is a limited liability company that is based in Kuwait with a satellite office in Dubai, UAE. Innomedics is licensed to distribute medical products and equipment. Innomedics is the owner of Professional Trade Corner (PTC), a leading company in the medical disposables distribution arm of Innomedics, one of the leading medical device and consumables distribution companies in the Middle East and North Africa region. Both companies are in turn owned 100% by the Kuwait Life Sciences Company (KLSC). KLSC was established in 2010, with a paid up capital of 15 million Kuwait Dinars (KD) which is equivalent to approximately $53 million US Dollars and is fully owned by National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC). NTEC was incorporated in November of 2002, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned company by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Kuwait. Capitalized at 100 million Kuwait Dinars (KD) which is equivalent to approximately $350 million US Dollars, NTEC aims to play a vital role in servicing major stakeholders in Kuwait and the Middle East region with their technology requirements.

KLSC focuses on healthcare innovative concepts and demanded services which have a clear and unmet need in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. KLSC has been designed as an integrated healthcare company building unique projects and is considered one of the pioneer venture capitalist and private equity companies in the Middle East that invests globally and operates regionally seeking to advance healthcare services and systems within the region. KLSC supports both public and private sector stakeholders to access emerging technologies, establish unique projects and adapt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare field. KLSC operates in healthcare investment, life sciences training, medical technology and pharmaceutical distribution.

To aid in its vision for technology transfer to the Middle East and North Africa region, KLSC develop five platforms:

  • Medical devices commercialization platform – which is exemplified by Innomedics
  • Pharmaceutical commercialization platform – which is represented by NewBridge pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial (Specialty Chemicals) platform – as exemplified by Ecore MENA
  • Clinical research platform – as represented by Clinart MENA
  • Knowledge transfer platform – which is exemplified by the Life Sciences Academy (LSA).


Our beliefs provide the code of conduct that we cherish all times. Innomedics will always be led by competent executives who act upon those beliefs.

  • Team work: to achieve shared goals
  • Integrity: always acting in an ethical and honest manner
  • Responsibility: being a leader in your area and taking the correct decisions to keep us at the top
  • Commitment and dedication: showing perseverance and tenacity when faced with obstacles
  • Openness: questioning traditional working methods to find new and creative alternatives
  • Problem solving and finding simple solutions to complex problems


Whether it is through Innomedics or KLSC, we employ multiple partnership models to leverage global expertise with our local insight for the ultimate aim of transferring the latest health technologies and medical innovations to the MENA region:

Agency Model

Innomedics/KLSC will become the local agent or partner of the international company. As KLSC is registered with all major government ministries and contracting agencies, the international partner will gain immediate access to KLSC’s and NTEC’s network and platforms

Joint Venture

Innomedics/KLSC can form a local Joint Venture together with the international partner. Innomedics/KLSC will perform all the necessary local government registration work and both companies can work together on staffing the joint venture and providing both strategic and financial support

Tender Financing Model

Innomedics/KLSC can work with companies that have an existing presence in the MENA region as a financing partner. Our aim is to support and complement private sector initiative focused on technology transfer and innovation. KLSC has the capital to finance large government or private sector tenders either through its balance sheet or through our strong relationship with local banks and financing companies. In doing so, our goal is to empower the international company and its local partner, to focus on the delivery, installation and training of the medical equipment while KLSC takes care of the bureaucracy and expedites lethargic registration and contracting processes.

Co-Working Space

Innomedics/KLSC can host a team from the international partner in our shared office space with one work station per employee. This model is preferred by international companies that wish to test the potential of the MENA region. This team can either be registered under Innomedics/KLSC or seconded by the international partner. In either case, the team is free to use Innomedics and KLSC facilities including administrative services, conference room, public relations officer (PRO), etc.


MIC Test Strip –  Paper strips* for determining the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (M.I.C.) Chromogenic culture media for microbial identification and for the screening of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms

Macopharma is a leading company in blood transfusion. LEUCOFLEX MTL1 Whole Blood Filtration at Room & Cold Temperature and Subsequent Preparation of Leucoreduced Red Cell Concentrate and Leucoreduced Plasma MACOPRESS SMART REVO The automatic blood separator

Pharmacy Equipment –  Germfree’s Pharmacy Division includes a comprehensive line of equipment for the health-system pharmacy and cleanroom. We manufacture USP 797 and NIOSH compliant Compounding Aseptic Isolators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Laminar Airflow Workstations, Radiopharmacy Equipment and Powder Containment Enclosures. The VersaFlow™ Compounding Aseptic Isolator is an affordable solution to USP 797 compliance, both inside and outside of a cleanroom. Established in 1962, GERMFREE has been protecting patients and pharmacists for 50 years.

Transport swabs , Liquid culture transport swabs , Foam and Flocked Swabs, Universal transport, Viral transport medium, Dry swabs, Environmental infection control, Food microbiology testing, Forensic science supplies, Laboratory consumables, Amniotic fluid test

Bioquell specializes in providing hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) decontamination equipment and services in two key market areas: Healthcare and Life Sciences. Bioquell are the world leaders in the use of hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology, with a fully scalable range of equipment and services for bioquelling small enclosures up to whole facilities, for the ultimate in bio-security.  Combining these with high quality, reliable consumables and validation support allows Bioquell to assure the highest levels of performance whilst maximising uptime for all facilities it serves. Whether equipment or services are selected, they are all backed up with comprehensive documentation for supporting regulatory submissions.

Med-Italia Biomedica was founded in 1986 by a group of professionals from the medical sector with the intent of creating a range of disposable products to meet the specific needs of each client.
– Interventional Radiology
– Interventional Cardiology
– Neuroradiology
– Orthopedics
– Urology
– Gynecology
– Intensive Care

13C/14C Urea Breath Test Kit, Helicobacter Pylori Detector,13C Breath Test Analyzer, Hydrogen Breath Test Analyzer

Our specially developed cervix dilator Gynedil® is successfully used for diagnostic tests and surgical procedures in gynecology.

Lab M´s extensive range of microbiological culture media, supplements, immunomagnetic separation techniques and proficiency testing systems are used in laboratories around the world.

Receiving blood is receiving life. DIAGAST’s goal is to help healthcare professionals transmit life with the help of the best blood group determination technologies. Even though it is not always a matter of life and death, transfusion errors are never acceptable.

Our top priority is to deliver easy and reliable digestive health solutions that help you improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Our trusted clinical solutions are utilized more often than any other around the world including our pioneering MIC-KEY* low-profile balloon-retained gastrostomy feeding tube and twin gold-standard for diagnosing H. pylori CLOTEST* & PYTEST*.

I am smaller. I am lighter. I am smarter. Intelligent, easy to use devices that prevent medication errors. Take advantage of unique features in the smalest size possible. Kids need to run! We listen to our patients. Our passion is to offer solutions that ease patient’s life as never done before. Now kids can run.

STEMCELL Technologies Inc. is a global biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and sells products and provides services that support academic and industrial scientists.

Sobi is an international rare disease company dedicated to providing access to innovative treatments that make a significant difference for people with rare diseases.